Tonight, I made some meatballs entirely from scratch with my friend Ralph. We got some beef mince, some garlic and onions and some rosemary. We chopped up the garlic and onions and then mixed them all in with the mince using our hands which was a rather icky experience if you ask me! We also sprinkled some rosemary on top of the mixture and mixed that in. We then seperated the mixture into ball shapes and bunged them into a frying pan with olive oil in it. Whilst frying up the meatballs, we took a jar of Dolmio Tomato Sauce with Mushrooms and poured the entire contents into the frying pan. At the same time, we boiled up some spaghetti in a saucepan (although Ralph prefers to call it a pot) full of boiling water that we had boiled using the kettle. We then bunged the boiled up spaghetti in with the meatballs and the sauce and then mixed it all together and then used that as an opportunity to serve up. I was thoroughly impressed with the spaghetti and home-made meatballs, although I think we over did it with the rosemary just a little bit. I have previously attempted this recipe with Paul and with Ralph, albeit with tagliatelle instead of spaghetti but you can use any type of pasta and I am quite certain that I will do that if I were to attempt this recipe again.


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