Forget the Jar: Hearty, Slow-Simmered Ragu

Modern Mouthful

raguRagu…that’s grandma stuff. Like, what your Aunt Kathy with the pallet of a six year-old orders when you all go out for Italian, right? NOPE. Not this ragu.

So far, Bon Appetit magazine has not let me down once. It’s encouraged me to use new ingredients and try trickier techniques and you guys, it’s totally paying off. Learning is fun! Or something! Anyway, they had an issue on pasta a couple months back and it was drool-worthy. Some seriously carby stuff hitting the newsstands just weeks before bathing suit season, is what I’m saying. Bon Appetit ain’t scurred.

choppin broccoliiiiI got to work on this ragu recipe and WOW, it was not your typical tomato-and-meat sauce. It was rich, had incredible depth and it was somehow less watery than regular tomato sauce? We really couldn’t get enough of it. I have the red stains on not one but TWO shirts to…

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