Sausage, Biscuit, and Hash

The Vegan Grip

My dad traveled a ton when I was a kid. Which I thought was totally awesome. He would always bring back little,quirky souvenirs, typically inscribed with a company design or logo.

“Hey kid,” little me would say, “see this bouncy ball I’m playing with? Yeah. My dad got it for me. And it’s from CALIFORNIA.”

I was a cool kid.

But what I remember even more are the weekends. He would always be home and downstairs with a cup of coffee when I woke up Saturday mornings. I’m pretty sure I got my excitable spirit from him – my feet would barely be off the stairs before he would be whipped into a chef-like frenzy, squeezing oranges for juice and fixing the biggest, fluffiest omelets in the world. Without fail, they would incorporate 3 types of meat and 5 types of cheeses, fresh herbs, and perfectly toasted bread into one ginormous paradise…

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