Tricolored Raita (Beetroot-Cucumber-Tomato salad in Yogurt)


In this sultry weather, everyone is wishing to feel hydrated, cool and rejuvenated. Each one of us has craving with-in to have refreshingly cool and healthy diet all the time. So here is one recipe including some refreshing, cool, and hydrating ingredients full of moisture and anti-oxidants.
It is Tricolored Raita or Beetroot-Cucumber-Tomato Raita including all three colored ingredients in the form of salad with yogurt dressing. Tricolored Raita (Beetroot-Cucumber-Tomato salad in Yogurt)Though it is a bit different from Raita as raita includes a heavy amount of yogurt containing a single raita ingredient topped with tempering. But I wanted my all three freshening ingredients to be flared out distinguished in presentation, I kept yogurt to lesser. And included no tempering  because I didn’t want any oil intrusion in healthy course that’s why it was sidelined.
Trying it to be more healthy I opted for low-fat yogurt that was prepared at home only with skimmed milk…

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