Chicken, courgette, pepper and asparagus gratin.

What happened next?

The missus is off to a conference in Dallas in a few weeks and yes, she is going to a reception at Southfork. Doesn’t mean much to me, but she’s excited.

However, Easter, while kind to to tastebuds has been less kind elsewhere, as she texted me the other day “I’m not saying I’m fat, it’s just that my waist is bigger than comfy for some trousers!”, so she’s asked me to pile on the green veg and drop the carbs, which works for her.

My problem is, I’m a carb nut, it’s not a meal unless I feel full and the carbs do it for me, so the challenge is on, something with loads of veg, low-fat and carb free which leaves me sated and this is what I came up with.

Chicken, courgette, pepper and asparagus gratin.

You will need:

1 500g pack of chicken breasts (get the…

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