Messy Church, you would not think it, would you? Two words in the English Dictionary that could not be more mismatched. However, the thing is they do not have to be mismatched if people just use their imagination.

So that is why once every two months, Holy Trinity hosts a Messy Church session where I myself have been an on and off helper since 2010. I put it that way because after contributing for the first time at Christmas 2010, I spent most of 2011 and 2012 living in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Therefore, I could only attend whenever I came to Stevenage and Messy Church happened to take place. Now that I am back in Stevenage full-time, I have regularly attended and why? Because I really enjoy Messy Church, not only that but it is also a great opportunity for people from the general area to meet each other and put their heads together even if they do not attend Holy Trinity or indeed Church in general.

I also really enjoy contributing to these events because not only does it give me something to do but it also makes me feel like I am doing something useful for the community and for my fellow Church-goers. It also enables me not to feel so shy around children although some of them can be quite shy themselves but then so can we all every now and again. This year, I have helped to make the giant Chris-tingle and I have recently focused on food preparation, making Easter nests and flame-themed biscuits.

It is safe to say I am now part of the team and I intend to continue as long as these events take place. In conclusion, many thanks to the Messy Church team for including me; let us keep up the good work.

(My fellow residents of Stevenage can also see this article in this month’s issue of the Holy Trinity Church Parish Magazine)


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