Bistro La Bonne

(Not) Douchey in DC

I have to say my favorite Happy Hour spot so far is Bistro La Bonne. Between 5-7pm every day, for $15 you get delicious mussels, french fries, and a drink (I believe it’s limited to wine or beer, but they have good selections of each). And it’s a lot of mussels, too. Easily you could split this with two people (except for the drink I guess).

I also really like the atmosphere – despite being in the heart of U Street, it’s never too crowded. It’s nice but not overly fancy, and the service is decent. And it really does have a sort of French feeling to the place. I’ve been many times and never had a bad experience. I can’t speak for much of their menu because I usually stick to the mussels (of which there is a wide variety of choices), but the mussels are succulent and…

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