An Ontario peach

'The Mom' Has Things To Say

Come summer in London, one can often find groups of other ex-pats huddled around one another, mobile phones to hand, sat nav up and running. They are not sharing tips on cultural events, fine dining establishments or even good immigration lawyers. No, they are sharing tips on where one can find Fruit That Tastes Like Fruit.

Now, in England’s defence, the strawberries are really quite good. They are juicy and ripe and red and lovely. The raspberries are also good. But that is where it ends. After that, the fruit is a shadow of its former self.

And if you grew up in another country, one that has all four seasons and is bathed in sunlight more often than not, you will know that there is another level of fruit out there. Fruit that is sweet and juicy and tastes exactly how you’d imagine it to taste. By which of…

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