Cameras and Duck Wraps…

Callum's Kitchen Creations

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another blog post, today is a multitude of items, well 2 items. Firstly cameras, at the start of this blog adventure I promised you I would buy a new camera to take some better pictures and I have. I will post a link at the end so you can see what I will be working with, so expect some half decent pictures from now on!

ONTO THE DUCK! – Now after using most of the roasted duck on a roast on Sunday I have used most of the (usable) meat to create duck pancakes! But these are not like the traditional Chinese ones but much rather like a British Duck wrap. They couldn’t be simpler to make.

Simply slice up spring onions, cucumber and duck into long thin strips. Spoon a teaspoon of hoisin sauce onto a flour tortilla and spread, throw…

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Summer Strawberry Salad

Eat To Inspire

This is a salad that I made recently.


  • Organic lettuce
  • Basil
  • Strawberries
  • Organic cucumber

Mango Dressing;

  • Mangoes
  • Water

To make the salad simply toss all of the ingredients into a big bowl.

To create the dressing blend as many mangoes as your heart desires with a little water.

To eat simply pour the mango dressing onto the salad and nom nom nom…


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The Dirty Stall

Not to be mistaken for the similarly named Kozasa Sushi over in the Ginza district, Kozasa is another one of those small and unassuming sushi-yas, hidden away in a crowded maze of streets and alleys behind trendy Shibuya.

It’s actually located at the first floor of a tiny apartment complex, just behind the small carpark upfront. If not for their bright signage, I would have probably missed it as well.


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Pasta In A Curried Pumpkin Sauce


As promised this is the 3rd of  my posts on pastas for quick and easyideas for simple weeknight dinners. In case you missed out the previous 2 posts click here and here. I had picked up some gorgeous pumpkin from the SG Organic stall located at the Pasarbella Marketin Singapore – A very refreshing place to add more variety to the food scene in Singapore with the fresh and wholesome produce on sale at the market. However I really wish there were more of the fruits and vegetable outlets that were a bit more affordable as well. I could only find SG Organic and Tangy Tangerines selling good fruits and veggies (But like I said not so very affordable). I guess everything being imported into the country definitely increases the prices. Sigh!

So anyway enough of the price discussion that I feel is deviating away from this post. Back to the lovely pumpkin now…

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Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Iced Tea

Indigo jones


I love to make homemade iced tea. It is so easy, economical and free of all the crap added to commercially made stuff. My iced tea recipe has only 2 ingredients: water, and tea. Lemon or sugar can be added to taste.

Simply boil the water, and add several tea bags, and it allow it to steep. Make sure it cools fully before refrigerating, or it will get cloudy. Remove the tea bags before storing to avoid the tea from tasting bitter.

Pretty simple, and hardly worth a full blown post. So what’s the big deal? The little trick I use to keep the boiling hot water from cracking the glass pitcher.


Insert a large metal mixing spoon into the pitcher before pouring the hot water in. The metal spoon will absorb some of the heat, preventing the glass from breaking.

Easy. Simple. Great to know.

photos: indigojonesnyc instagram


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An Ontario peach

Hey Ma, I'm Home

Come summer in London, one can often find groups of other ex-pats huddled around one another, mobile phones to hand, sat nav up and running. They are not sharing tips on cultural events, fine dining establishments or even good immigration lawyers. No, they are sharing tips on where one can find Fruit That Tastes Like Fruit.

Now, in England’s defence, the strawberries are really quite good. They are juicy and ripe and red and lovely. The raspberries are also good. But that is where it ends. After that, the fruit is a shadow of its former self.

And if you grew up in another country, one that has all four seasons and is bathed in sunlight more often than not, you will know that there is another level of fruit out there. Fruit that is sweet and juicy and tastes exactly how you’d imagine it to taste. By which of…

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